A trusted equipment supplier is a must in businesses and industries, for this purpose, Eagles Power & Equipment was established to aid customers and business pioneers in their pursuit of success. EPE advises government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oilfield service firms and offers services at all stages of the oil & gas value chain; from exploration & production through to the market. Our multi-disciplinary teams work across the globe, and with a broad portfolio of project experience to draw upon, EPE is ready to help.

Also, EPE provides special training courses in HSE and for Oil & Gas industry, designed to develop internal Staff and advance the industry standards, creating a safe and friendly work environment. EPE is one of the reputed and highly industry recommended high-quality industry equipment supplier as well as procurement enabler; purchasing or renting used equipment, power generators parts and services, drilling rigs equipment, heavy machinery for all industry use, construction tools and heavy machinery attachments.

Eagles Power & Equipment is registered in the United Kingdom with branches and services extending all around the globe. The EPE branches are strategically placed over major key business locations to enable quick and localized EPE services to all our client and customers without any geographical and regional barriers.

Our experienced team brings forth the best maintenance service as well as inspection for a full range of machines and power equipment. Supported by major manufacturers and trained technicians, EPE team is always on standby in assisting or even deploy on-site, solving all kinds of machinery maintenance or problems that would affect your equipment performance, so your business is more profitable and efficient.



EPE team is highly enthusiastic motivated and focused personnel.


Creative and zeal to perform will create a niche for you and your business in the market.


Deep understanding of the diversified needs of each client and providing the best possible services.


Believing in our vision for that we can provide blueprints of our ultimate achievements.